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Name:Jett Flynn Levesque
Birthdate:Sep 4
Location:Capilano Highlands, North Vancouver, Canada
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Jett Flynn Levesque is an only child of Carla and Eleanor Levesque, born and bred in Vancouver, Canada. Jett's mothers have been in a lesbian relationship since they were twenty and married when they were twenty-two. They both wanted to be moms, and Jett was conceived via IVF with sperm donor, Flynn Marcus Hunter. Eleanor, Jett's biological mother, knew Flynn from her home town of Los Angeles. At 16, Flynn already had a pretty distinct reputation about him, and at the time, he was fighting fit. Eleanor had gone to live in Vancouver for college, where she met Carla and fell in love. After they married and decided they wanted a baby, Eleanor got in touch with Flynn and offered him a deal to be their sperm donor for a more than generous price. Eleanor knew Flynn via her younger cousin who was in Flynn's year at high school, and knew his mom had been struggling to make ends meet for awhile.

Flynn had already been stripping for cash to help her pay the rent. He jumped at the chance to be the sperm donor. They asked if he wanted to be kept in the loop about the baby, or if they just wanted it to be a clean business deal. Flynn, never having known his deadbeat father, decided he wanted to know about the kid he helped make, and after Jett's birth, both Carla and Eleanor kept him up to date via email, letters, and photos. However, Flynn never had direct involvement with Jett, though his moms told him about Flynn when he was old enough to understand and told him if he ever wanted to know his father, he was only a phone call away.

Jett always had a fulfilled life. He wanted for nothing. His moms both aced college, Eleanor going on to become a midwife and Carla, a speech pathologist. Jett never really felt the need to know his biological father because he never felt like his life had a hole in it. Jett is a straight-A student, extremely intelligent and has desires to go to Med School. He's a little reserved in personality, with an air of modest shyness to him. He couldn't be more different from Flynn in personality, however in looks, there was no doubt about the fact Flynn was his father.

It was just before Jett's sixteenth birthday when Flynn's involvement in his life was pushed to the forefront in a way neither Jett nor his moms would have wanted. Jett fell quite ill, suffering extreme fatigue and exhaustion, to the point he could barely lift his head from the pillow, let alone get out of bed. Because Jett had bouts of fatigue since going through puberty, they didn't think anything of it initially. It was only when he stopped eating and started to lose weight that his parents began to panic. Flynn, despite being as healthy as a horse when he was younger, had been diagnosed with leukemia in his mid-twenties and it nearly claimed his life. As soon as he was diagnosed, he had gotten in touch with Eleanor and Carla to warn them, knowing Jett had his genes. It suddenly felt like their worst fears were coming to fruition.

However, after many tests and medical investigations, Jett was cleared of cancer and instead diagnosed with a severe case of mono. It laid him up for months and he faced having to repeat school. As a result, Jett was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and whilst he was ill, he began to think about his father. Once he had opened his mind up to those thoughts, he began to more and more want to meet Flynn, spend time with him, and get to know him. Because he had fallen so far behind with school, and the fact he was still recovery from the mono and adjusting to his Chronic Fatigue diagnosis, Jett asked his moms if he could go live with Flynn for awhile to get to know him. Flynn was in New York, and ultimately, it was Columbia Med School Jett always wanted to attend. Although they were upset because they would miss him so much, they understood and wanted him to have the opportunity to know Flynn.

Upon being contacted by Eleanor and explaining the situation, Flynn agreed to the arrangement without hesitation. Jett's nervous about the big change, but he also feels like it might do him some good having a change. All he can hope is that his father isn't a dickhead, and they're able to get along in ways Jett has been fantasising about since he started wanting to know him.

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